Omega Pacific Vulcan Infinity Wiregate Carabiner OPVNW

The hot-forged Vulcan is the strongest carabiner in the 31 grams-or-less weight class. It features a full-sized rope-bearing which means your rope doesn't take such a beating after repeated falls compared to other lightweight biners. The Vulcan namesake is the Roman god of fire and commonly depicted with a forge and a blacksmith hammer. The shape and flow of the aircraft-grade aluminum Vulcan carabiner emphasizes easy clipping, minimizes rope drag and reduces the chance of rotating with a Dyneema sling. The hyper-light carabiner frame is paired with the revolutionary Infinity gate. The Infinity is pinched in the middle to create an infinity symbol - making it easier to handle whenever clipping or while wearing gloves, and it reducing snags on your rack. The reduced gate profile also means the wire gate is thinner than the frame, so there's less opportunity for accidental open-gate situations should the biner happen to be dragged along the rock wall. Weight: 31 grams|Strength: 26 kN|CE and UIAA Certified