Petzl Ultra Vario Headlamp

The Ultra rechargeable headlamps were developed to provide the most demanding user with an exceptionally powerful, durable and reliable lighting solution. The Ultra Rush was designed to deliver uniform, ultra-powerful lighting up to 760 lumens for maximum efficiency. It has four lighting levels and is ideal for fast-paced activities where lighting is crucial. The Ultra Vario offers multi-beam lighting up to 520 lumens. It has four lighting modes; ambient lighting proximity, mixed lighting, or distance lighting. Both options include a rechargeable battery. Lumens: 760 (Ultra Rush), 520 (Ultra Vario)|Burn Time: up to 38 hrs (Ultra Rush) 40 hrs (Ultra Vario)|Max Distance: 170m (Ultra Rush) 210m (Ultra Vario)|Water Resistance: IP67|Power Source: LI-ion