Remington Sportsman Universal Gun Cleaning Kit with Presentation Box 19054

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A clean firearm simply performs better, and there's no better way to keep your guns in pristine condition than with a Remington cleaning kit. The Remington Sportsman Cleaning Kit is the perfect high-quality choice for the hunter or shooter that doesn't need to maintain a large variety of firearms. Ideal for the home or lodge, this 27-piece cleaning kit features a wooden presentation box with 50 cleaning patches, a 3-piece aluminum cleaning rod kit, which accepts standard 8x32 attachments and a swivel handle to ensure proper rotation during cleaning, as well as an assortment of the most popular brushes and mops (brass and nylon). The kit will clean anything from .22 caliber through 12-gauge. Kit does not include solvents or oil. Gun Care Products From The Name You Trust - Remington.


- Includes 50 patches (.22 caliber to 12-Gauge)
- 3-piece brass rod accepts standard #8-32
- Integral swivel handle
- An assortment of most popular brushes mops and patch sizes
- Brass and nylon brushes for cleaning actions bolts cylinders and semi-auto slides