Winchester Ammunition Blind Side 12 Gauge 3 inch 5 Shot 25 Round Box SBSPH1235


•Features 100% HEX™ Steel Shot densely stacked inside Blind Side™ Diamond Cut Wads for high packing density & maximum pattern performance resulting in 15% more pellets & increased kill zone up to 25%
•HEX™ shot is cube-shaped (hexahedron) giving you 15% more shot payload per shell
•The corrosion-resistant Drylok Super Steel® System seals out water & moisture from the powder for improved patterning & consistent velocities
•HEX™ shot is designed to hit waterfowl like high-velocity tumbling bricks creating massive wound channels preventing over-penetration & maximizing energy deposit & knock down shock within the bird (250% more trauma)
•Velocity: 1400 fps
•25 rds./box 10 boxes/case

Ga: 12 3"

Oz. Shot: 1-3/8

Shot Size: 5