Dead Ringer Mossy Oak Drop Box, Univ. SG Sights DR4478

Dead Ringer did not start from scratch when designing the Drop Box. Dead Ringer took the proven round and oval orange ring sight system one step further to perfection. The result is a front and rear sight system that is one of the most innovative wing shooting sights of the decade!

The Drop Box enhances the shooting ability of cross-eye-dominant shooters by allowing the shooter to keep both eyes Wide Open. This evolution of wing shooting sights will aid the novice or veteran shooter to correct this problem with Dead Ringer's ground breaking rectangular shaped orange box design.

Over 80% of hunters have cross eye domination. The Drop Box allows the hunter to keep both eyes wide open while acquiring the most difficult aerial targets with the help of the 6 compass or guide points. Simply start from the receiver and move the rear aperture toward the front sight until you can acquire the target with both eyes open. Veteran wing shooters will also benefit from the Drop Box design because they can achieve the correct cheek-to-stock position every time they shoulder their weapon.

The Drop Box is made of the same rigid quality and materials that have helped Dead Ringer progress so rapidly in the shooting industry. Dead Ringer will not sacrifice quality for cost, and has a different definition of "tough" than the competitors. Plastic front and rear sight bases are not acceptable in any of Dead Ringer's products. Dead Ringer uses aircraft-grade 6061 T-6 aluminum bases with hardened steel screws in conjunction with threaded steel plates that securely attach the front and rear sight to the vented rib.

Dead Ringer's Light Pipes are made of durable Optical Lexan (the same material used in making bullet-proof glass) with a special formulation of fluorescent dyes, resulting in light pipes that are 10x stronger than fragile fiber optic sights. Dead Ringer's Patent Pending twist lock key way securely locks in the light pipe and prevents it from falling out of the front sight.

Dead Ringer also offers spare light pipes in various colors for all of the models.


- Front sight fits many ribbed shotguns
- T-6 aircraft grade aluminum base
- Optimal for low light
- Light Pipes are made of durable Optical Lexan 10x stronger than fragile fiber optic sights
- Achieve the correct cheek-to-stock position every time they shoulder their weapon


- Style: Mossy Oak