Grivel G1+ Sa Axe W/Leash - 58 Black

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The G1+ S.A. axe is designed for summit seekers. An ergonomic hot forged head from solid carbon steel. A slight curve in the ERGAL high-strength aluminum alloy shaft for more powerful self arrest maneuvers and for added clearance on more technical terrain. The G1+ also includes a Grivel and leash. Hot forged technical spike for security when plunging into a variety of snow conditions. Weight 58cm: 465 grams 16.4 ozw/leash|Carbon Steel Blade|Weight 58cm: 465 grams / 16.4 oz w/leash|Weight 66cm: 480grams 16.93 oz w/leash|Weight 66cm: 480 grams / 16.93 oz w/leash|Weight 74cm: 500 grams17.63 ozw/leash|Weight 74cm: 500 grams / 17.63 oz w/leash|CE Certified B and UIAA|CE Certified B and UIAA