Nikko Stirling Diamond 1.5-6x44 #4 Dot

The quest for the trophy or the elusive game animal takes today's hunters to more extreme locations where the climate and terrain pushes the hunters and their equipment to the limit. The diamond series are designed to specifically perform in these conditions. Diamond series riflescopes are 100% designed in Japan. Certified lenses ensure maximum clarity and brightness. Improved seals and internal fittings with precision CNC machined parts ensure the performance in the field is uncompromised. Every riflescope is individually checked for recoil, being waterproof and are also nitrogen filled. Optical coatings are added to the lenses to reduce the reflection of light by the glass surfaces, this ensures a brighter scope in low light conditions when target acquisition is critical. The external design incorporates low profile adjustments that won't get caught in clothing or on foliage during a hunt. The Diamond series looks attractive on any rifle. European hunters have traditionally chosen the 30mm body tube riflescopes for low light conditions in which they hunt. Put simply the larger 30mm body tubes allow designers to make a riflescope that captures more light to be delivered to your eye. This is critical in low light hunting. Additionally 30mm riflescopes are considered stronger and more robust. All are offered with the German number four reticle.