NOCO GC029 XGC Extension Cable - 8'

GC029 XGC Extension Cable - 8'

The GC029 XGC 8-Foot Extension Cable is ideal for extending the reach of the 12V input/output charging accessory that comes with all GB70s & GB150s (NOTE: It does not extend the reach of the clamps, only the 12V power source). It is also perfect for extending the distance of your XGC powered products, and making connecting and disconnecting simple. It provides higher current carrying ability over traditional connector systems, and delivers safe and reliable power with minimal voltage loss. And it's dirt, dust and water resistant for optimal performance in harsh environments.

The standard.

Easily connect and disconnect from multiple devices.

Connecting various products together can require multiple connectors and accessories. We designed and developed a universal connection system that makes powering multiple products simple and easy, but with higher current carrying ability.


Durable and weatherproof connections.

We just did not set the new standard on how products universally connect to each other, but we made them to be dirt, dust and watertight to provide a safe and secure connection. With XGC, it delivers full power even in some of the harshest working environments.


  • Universal connector system for connecting to multiple products
  • Higher current carrying ability than traditional connection systems
  • Rugged connection that is dirt, dust and watertight
  • Easily connect and disconnect from multiple devices
  • Molded strain reliefs to relieve unwanted tension

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.