Espresso Lessons from The Rock Warrior's Way Book by Arno Ilghtner

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The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training for Climbers, first published in 2003, outlines the foundation of the Warrior’s Way ® material.Espresso Lessonstakes the material into practical climbing situations. It is the “how to” application ofThe Rock Warrior’s Way, intended to build upon and complement it. Mental fitness training is simply improving your ability to keep attention in the moment. The most challenging—and interesting— moment in rock climbing is when your mind doubts whether or not you can continue climbing. Knowing when it is appropriate to push through this doubt and when to back off is critical for taking appropriate risks.Espresso Lessonshelps you take appropriate risks. It is an intentional approach to risk-taking that includes very specific processes for gathering information, assessing risks, making risk decisions, and taking effective action.Many climbers ignore or avoid falling.Espresso Lessonsaddresses falling head-on, through intentional falling practice. It also includes specific exercises to practice all phases of risk-taking, allowing you to integrate the Warrior’s Way ® material in a practical and tangible way.