Western Rivers Chase Electronic Predator Call WRC-CHASE

The Western Rivers CHASE calling system is a dynamic unit for hunting enthusiasts on a restricted budget. This compact and lightweight unit delivers powerful audio while maintaining crisp, clear sounds. Featuring .mp3 technology and 512mb storage, the CHASE offers all the versatility of the higher end calling systems at a fraction of the price. The LCD Remote Control displays all the sounds variations on the unit and provides the ability to change sound selection, control volume levels and play or pause the call up to 150 yards away. The CHASE comes preloaded with a wide variety from the Orion sound library. The external USB port allows the user to log onto www.gsmoutdoors.com and choose additional sounds of your choice. The dual speaker design boasts more volume than any other calling system of this design. Along with the CHASE caller system also includes the 150-yard remote control, USB cord, instruction manual and a one-year warranty. Model WRC-CHASE