Western Rivers Nite Stalker Electronc Predator Call WRC-0365

Featuring true 24 bit audio, peerless volume and sound clarity, plus over 500 sounds from our online ORION wildlife library, the Nite Stalker offers the most complete list of calling sounds known in the industry. Features: 2GB storage capacity; Advanced 250 yard long range remote control, with liquid crystal green back light display; Extensive 400 pre-loaded game calls; Dual Hi-output horn speakers boost volume for peak performance; Select-a-speaker for remote changing speakers from left to right; Key pad glows in the dark for night viewing; Large key pads for ease of use in field with gloves; Insta-scan sound selection for fast scan of calls; Remote control uplink port/cable for sync of system (USB cable included); Rugged, weatherproof design; Lifetime Guarantee; Caller operates on eight (8) AA batteries, remote operates on one (1) 9V battery. Camo. Model WRC-0365