Voile T-Wood Avalance Shovel

What’s up with the Voilé T-Wood Avalanche Shovel, you ask? Simply put, it’s a shovel AND a wood saw. From pruning branches to digging snow pits to cutting firewood, this professional-grade, rescue shovel/saw redefines the term “handy.” Its seven-inch, six-teeth/inch blade stows safely inside the shovel’s telescoping handle when not in use, but can be pressed into service by means of a double-pop button. As part of the Voilé line, you’ve probably already guessed that this workhorse is a very serious rescue shovel. No surprise that its scoop is forged of uncompromising 6061-T6 aluminum. With the T-Wood Avalanche Shovel in your pack you’ll be prepared for almost anything. You’ll be “King of the Freakin’ Forest.” Weight: 850 grams. 1lb 14oz.|Weight Mini: 740 grams, 1lb 10oz|Extended Length: 36" (Mini 29.75")