Yak Gear Baja Paddle Leash 36"

Never lose a paddle while paddling with the Yak Gear Baja Paddle Leash. A hybrid leash between flexible nylon bungee leashes and strong nylon sleeve leashes, the Baja Paddle Leash is composed of a base of flexible 1/4" nylon bungee which is over-wrapped by a nylon sleeve for strength. Unlike many sleeve leashes, there are no large buckles to bang against your boat and scare away the fish. The 36 inch leash stretches to 47 inches giving you the perfect combination of leash flexibility and strength. The boat-side of the leash connects by threading the oversized loop through a pad eye or any accessible seat strap, while the connection to the paddle is through the use of the Velcro strap. Paddle not included.