Allen SLIDEGUIDE Crossbow Cocking Sled 7568

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Allen SLIDEGUIDE Crossbow Cocking Sled 7568


Allen SLIDEGUIDE Crossbow Cocking Sleds are unique from other cocking sleds in one radical way.

SLIDEGUIDE utilizes the crossbow’s rail groove as a track to guide your cocking sled up and down the length of the rail.

It also employs a self-aligning guide spring system that runs along the side of the crossbow rails to keep the sled perfectly aligned during movement.

These two physical features work in tandem to keep your sled balanced, and in perfect contact with the crossbow, which makes cocking easy.

In addition, because SLIDEGUIDE utilizes the geometry of the rail groove, it is less effected by the principle of friction and therefore requires less force in order to glide easily up and down the crossbow rail.