Archer Xtreme Titanium XT Bow Sight T520B

The Archer Extreme T520B Titanium XT is a 2-inch bow sight for use with Archer Extreme brand bows. Titanium is as strong as steel and twice as strong as aluminum, but is 45-percent lighter than steel. Titanium is not easily corroded and will not rust. Titanium and titanium alloys are used in airplanes, missiles and rockets where strength, low weight and resistance to high temperatures are important. Now AXT has built the world's only titanium sight, stronger and lighter with our TBR Titanium Bracket Ridge system and total titanium sight housing. The benefit is the world's first Titanium indestructible sight Building on the success of the Carbon Carnivore sight, the ultimate Predator Titanium XT Destroys all sights and has only one equal the Carbon Carnivore.