Barska 1.1 Cubic Ft Keypad Depository Safe

Large Keypad Depository Safe

Any business owner knows the importance of keeping cash and other valuable assets securely stored while awaiting a bank deposit. Having a safe that provides exceptional security while maintaining a user-friendly interface is also important when a number of authorized employees need to access the safe. Barska's Large Keypad Deposit Safe has been designed to provide an array of security features that businesses can rely on for protecting their cash assets while remaining user friendly.

The Barska Large Keypad Deposit Safe comes ready to install right out of the box. This solid-steel safe features multiple pre-drilled mounting holes that allow businesses to securely mount their depository safe to the floor or other solid surface. To ensure that the deposited items are not tampered with, this Deposit Safe features a pry-resistant door with two solid-steel locking bolts and anti-fishing baffles on the back of the drop door. These features ensure that only those authorized users who have the combination or key can retrieve the items within.

The digital keypad serves as the main access method for this Barska Depository Safe. Two user-created PIN codes can be stored in the safe's database, and the safe can also be opened using traditional keys as well. A temporary Lock Out mode activates when an unauthorized user attempts to input the incorrect PIN code too many consecutive times. Barska's Large Depository Keypad Safe comes with a protective floor mat, four AA batteries, and mounting hardware.

Lock Mechanism Manual
Thickness 1/16
Lock Type Keypad
Access Method Drop Slot, Front
Body Material Steel
Product Weight 71 lbs.
Included Accessories Protective floor mat ensuring that items are not scratched, set of emergency back-up keys and mounting hardware and batteries
Batteries 4 AA, included
Outer Size 15.33&quote; x 13.5&quote; x 19&quote;
Inner Size 15&quote; x 11&quote; x 11.5&quote;
Keycode Memory 2
Locking Sytem 2 Deadbolt lock