Bianchi 56 Serpent Sz1A S&W J-Frame & Similar 2" Tan 25092

  • Plain Tan
  • Right Hand
  • Fits small frame revolvers and medium/large frame semi autos
  • Reinforced rectangular thumb snap for quick snap release and helps guard against strap falling into trigger guard when re
  • holstering
  • Deeply molded on front of holster for fit and classic good looks
  • All molding to the front of the holster, providing more comfortable fit for wearer
  • Dual belt slots up to 1.5" (38mm) for better, tighter fit with belt
  • Premium grade full grain leather Fits
  • S&W 36 and similar J frame models (2")Full List of Fits http//
  • and
  • gear/holsters/concealable
  • holsters/belt
  • slide/serpent
  • belt
  • slide
  • holster
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