Birchwood Casey Shoot-N-C 12" Handgun Trainer Target-5pc 34032

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The Shoot-N-C Handgun Trainer Target teaches you proper technique as you shoot, allowing you to practice and improve with ease. This target is divided into portions that tell you why your shot went astray. In addition, bullet holes are revealed with bright green rings, allowing you to see where you hit without walking down range. The self-adhesive back makes the Birchwood Casey 12" Shoot-N-C Handgun Trainer Target easy to put up.


- Target wedges teach you proper shooting technique
- Bullet holes are revealed with bright chartreuse rings
- Self-adhesive backing makes target easy to put up
- Instant feedback
- Excellent for indoor or outdoor use and low light conditions


- Size: 12"
- Quantity: Pack of 5