Bloodsport Broadheads Grave Digger Ct 125Gr 3Pk 10778

The Gravedigger is a hybrid head in the true sense of the term. The �cross opening� blade design greatly reduces the energy needed to open the blades compared to traditional �over the top� mechanicals on the market. With its exclusive fixed-blade mode, the Gravedigger can be shot as a 1-inch fixed main blade with 1/2-inch bleeders simply by tightening the set screw on the kickout blades.1� FIXED BLADE. BONE-SPLITTING CHISEL TIP. 1 � � CROSS-OPENING CURVED MECHANICAL BLADES. FIXED BLADE MODE. PATENTED BLADE-RETENTION SYSTEM KEEPS BLADES CLOSED UNTIL IMPACT. NO RUBBER BANDS OR O-RINGS. NO-FAIL DESIGN