Bloodsport Broadheads Wraith Deep Cut 100Gr 3Pk 10781

The Wraith Broadhead System offers a universal ferrule, modular design, that delivers endless options and sharper blades. The �scooptail� ferrule accepts all Wraith System blades for big game and turkey. DEEPCUT BLADES FOR MAXIMUM PENETRATION. CUT-ON-CONTACT, BONE-SPLITTING TIP. 100% STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION. 0.30" THICK BLADES HARDENED TO STAY SHARP. REVERSIBLE BLADE DESIGN STAYS SHARP AND DOUBLES THE LIFE OF THE HEAD. 100 GRAINS. STANDARD THREAD SIZE. 1 1/8" CUTTING DIAMETER. INCLUDES 3 BROADHEADS PER PACK. CASE PACK SIZE: 9.50" L X 5.75� W X 1.75� D