Bohning Neon Yellow Blazer Quik Fletch 6pk

Get the Blazer vanes that you love in an easy to install Quik Fletch system.ᅡᅠThey easily install on arrow shafts with a diameter of 14/64" to 24/64".ᅡᅠEach Blazer vane is set at aᅡᅠtwo degree offset for optimal performance.ᅡᅠ You never know when you are going to damage a vane so these are a great thing to keep around for a Quik fix.ᅡᅠEasy to install and easy to replace. To install the Quik Fletch: boil water, place the Quik Fletch at desired location on arrow shaft and nock end, submerge the Quik Fletch in the boiling water and let the Quik Fletch dry.