Bradley Smoker Grill 4-Burner Stainless Steel 61K BTU

For years now, Bradley has created world-class smokers, and offers grills for the complete backyard cooking ensemble. Grilling is all about sharing good times with family and friends, while creating mouth-watering creations for your guests. The Bradley Grill 4-Burner with Sear Burner gives you all the power and versatility you need for backyard entertaining and gives you a high heat infrared searing burner to create beautifully seared meats that lock in the juices for the most flavorful results. Big enough to cook for 4-6 people with 696 square inches of grill space (493 square inches primary and 203 square inches secondary) and a total of 55 000 BTU. Three individually controlled main burners aligned front-to-back plus a 4th infrared searing burner gives you the versatility you need to obtain a quick sear grill over direct heat or set up with indirect heat. Burners are stainless steel tube-style and each provide 10 000 BTU to give you the power you need for high-heat grilling. The searing burner is a ceramic high-heat burner that produces 12 000 BTU and heats up incredibly fast. This will give your meats the quick high-heat sear needed to create a crust locking in the meats' juices for the most flavorful results. Due to the shorter pre-heat and high heat output you can cook up to 4x faster on a ceramic searing burner while using less fuel. Includes a 13 000 BTU side burner for added versatility. Cooking grates are cast-iron; designed to give beautiful grill marks. Hood is a double-layer design to hold in heat with porcelain enamel on the outside and aluminum plating on the inside. All of the burners are stainless steel providing longer life. Base is fully enclosed with double-doors to access the tank and to provide storage. Electronic ignition is integrated into each burner control valve for precise starts and only on the burners that you want to light.