Caldwell Orange Peel Sight-In Target: 16" 5 sheets 495253

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Get on target with orange peel targets by Caldwell! Orange Peels let you see hits ON and OFF the bullseye with dual-color flake-off technology that makes your hits
look like colorful explosions. If your shot happens to miss the bullseye, you will know exactly where your bullet strayedinstantly. To make things even easier, the vibrant, contrasting colors make the target stick out like a sore thumb with any background, even at long distances.


- Adhesive-backed, sticks to any surface
- Hits in the bullseye: explode in White
- Hits outside the bullseye: explode in white
- Hits on the target: explode in Chartreuse
- Instant target feedback-you can see from the bench

Size: 16"
Per 5