Camp Chef Stryker 150 Propane Stove

With Heat Ring technology that increases efficiency by 30% (also reduces fuel consumption) and a matchless ignition, the Camp Chef Stryker boils .5 L of water in 2 minutes. Built with lightweight, hard anodized aluminum, it includes a stove, insulated pot, folding tank stabilizer, lid and mesh carry bag. Stores inside insulated pot. Pot Volume: 1.3 L Weight: 8.3 oz (fuel not included) 4-Piece cook set includes 2 L pot and 7.5" fry pan|Teapot: 1.5 L teapot with infuser.|Weight: 566.6 g/20 oz|Box Size: 5.5" x 5.5" x 7"|Ignition: Matchless|Boil Time: 2 min (0.5 L)