Carlsons BLK Cloud Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12ga 2PK 09102

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Federal's Black Cloud ammunition features devastating penetration which can now be delivered with unique features that help downrange performance increasing hunter success. The Extended tube is constructed of a Titanium-coated steel, and comes in Mid Range and Long Range models. The titanium coating helps the uniquely designed FliteControl Wad in the Black Cloud ammunition perform downrange with less build-up in the choke and allows the Flitestopper shot to do its job this increasing your take in the field.

These chokes are specifically designed to get the most performance from Federal's Black Cloud Ammunition, but perform extremely well with other steel shotshells.

The Long Range choke tube should not be used with any steel shot larger than BB or with any steel shot faster than 1550 fps.

The Mid Range model can be used with all steel shot sizes, and with ammunition that exceeds 1550 fps. Black Cloud ammunition has been designed to be used with choke tubes that do not use porting or wad stopping devices.


- Fits: Beretta/Benelli Mobil 12 Gauge
- Choke: Long Range and Mid Range
- Quantity: 2 Pack

Note: Includes Choke Wrench