Celestron Smartphone Adapter Regal-to-iPhone 4/4S

Celestron Smartphone Adapter To iPhone 4/4S makes it easy to capture high-quality images through your Regal M2 spotting scope! The Celestron Smartphone Adapter is custom-fit to your iPhone 4/4S and Regal M2¬タルs zoom eyepiece. That means you'll get an ultra-secure connection without play for sharp images and steady videos. Unlike ¬タワuniversal¬タン adapters, Celestron¬タルs Smartphone Adapter has no moving parts and requires no manual adjustment. Simply slide the adapter over the eyepiece. Since the Celestron Smartphone Adapter is designed to fit the exact diameter of the Regal M2 eyepiece, your camera is perfectly centered every time. Once you've captured the perfect shot, share it with friends¬タヤyou can use nearly all the functions of your phone without removing it from the case. You can even use your camera for traditional photography while it¬タルs still in the adapter; just remove the adapter ring and you¬タルre ready to take wide view shots with your phone. With the Celestron Smartphone Adapter, you¬タルll never have to choose between carrying a camera or a spotting scope again. Just slightly larger than your smartphone itself, this adapter won¬タルt add weight or bulk to your gear. From birding walks to backpacking trips, this adapter goes anywhere you bring your phone. Take the Celestron Smartphone Adapter on your next adventure and come back with vivid photos and video of your discoveries!