Climbing Addicts Eco-Conscious Yosemite Gray Rock Climbing Chalk 200 Grams

Looking for the world's best gray climbing chalk? Yosemite Gray is family forged in the Colorado Rockies, and is developed to reduce climber impact. Climb Consciously. Our Yosemite Gray climbing chalk is perfect for a number of areas, and if you’re planning to climb dark rocks, then it’s the ideal choice. You won’t have to worry about leaving marks along your route, and you can greatly reduce your impact as you climb.

  • Suited for all gray, granite, and dark rock climbs traditionally found in places like California, Wyoming, and Canada
  • If your hands are sweaty, greasy, slimy, or bloody, then this chalk will keep them dry and happy for hours
  • Developed by climbers for climbers
  • Handmade in Boulder, Colorado
  • Eco-friendly processing, packaging, and production|Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from the manufactuer. No Questions Asked
  • 2% of all purchases are donated to Leave No Trace