40 Channel 2-Way Handheld CB Radio
Up to 4 mile range
Magnet mount in-car antenna included

See Cobra HH-38-WX-ST for the non-mobile version

SoundTracker® drastically improves sound quality
Selectable High/Low power for battery conservation

Output power is the maximum allowed by law - 4 Watts
Low power will extend battery life by up to 75%

Signal strength meter indicates the strength of incoming and outgoing transmissions
Dual Watch mode allows you to monitor 2 separate channels simultaneously
LCD screen for clear and easy reading
Push button illumination for clear reading in the dark
Equipped with one touch emergency Channel 9/19 button
Equipped with 10-Channel NOAA emergency radio

NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) warns of hazardous weather
Be prepared for storms and emergencies
Dedicated button allows for one touch operation
WX Weather Alert Mode will automatically receive signals and warnings from designated NOAA broadcast stations
Ideal for coastal areas or areas with potential for floods

Omni-Directional Mic allows voice to be picked up from multiple directions
Lock mode to prevent accidental button pushing
Adjustable auto-squelch will automatically block weak signals or signals near the end of the walkie talkie range - This will block noisy channels with heavy interference
Scan mode allows you to easily search for conversations in progress
Roger beep indicates the end of a user's transmission so you know when you're clear to speak
3.5mm speaker output
2.5mm microphone input
Requires 9-AA batteries (not included)
12V DC car charger included
Dimensions: 6.75&quote;L x 2.00&quote;W x 1.75&quote;D