Cold Steel Mizutori (Crane) Katana-29.75in Blade

The Cold Steel Mizutori (Crane) Katana is a symbol of luck and longevity, loyalty, and strength, and is a much-loved symbol in Japan. It is a high-end, high-performance blade that was inspired by older, practical battlefield Katana. Measuring a hair under thirty inches, the Mizutori’s blade is made from high quality Damascus steel and differentially hardened with a clay tempered Hamon. The handsome blade features a hand sharpened Hamaguri grind with highly polished spine and blade flats. The Tsuba and Menuki both feature an iconic crane motif, and the high quality ray-skin handle is tightly wrapped in brown silk cord, adding a level of detail and beauty. Housed inside a lustrous black lacquered Saya, the Mizutori Katana a stunning and attractive sword.