Coros Coros Pace Gps Watch- Blue

This multi-sport watch is high-tech sports gear designed to help you get the most enjoyment, performance, and results from your multi-sport activities. Whether you’re competing in a triathlon, running a marathon, or freestyle swimming, you should never have to worry about your athletic performance. Not so often do you see a combination of lightweight plus a long lasting battery life, the PACE has both. The PACE features a built-in heart rate monitor that records while swimming, cycling and running. With the COROS App, you can fully customize your zone training by adjusting both your reserve and max heart rate. GPS, GLONASS and BDS satellites will work together to quickly locate your position and adjust altitude, even through interference outdoors. COROS UltraSync Technology cuts your average mobile app sync time in half after your workout. So long are the days you have to spend minutes holding your phone, waiting for the data to upload. Display: 1.2 in. 240 x 240 pixels (64 colors)|Materials: Screen- aluminosilicate glass, Bezel- N/A, Strap- silicone|Battery Life: UltraMax Mode TBD. Up to 25hrs in Full GPS mode. Up to 30 days for regular use.|Size/Weight: 44.90 x 44.90 x 13.65 mm/49 g