Crosman 760 Pumpmaster Kit (Black)Bolt-Action Variable Pump Air Rifle with 4x15 Scope

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A proven Crosman favorite for four decades, this dependable rifle offers an experience all its own.

Kit includes:

Pumpmaster 760 air rifle, in black (645 FPS w/ BBs, 615 FPS w/ pellets)
4x15 scope
50 Copperhead BBs
50 pellets
Shooting glasses
5 paper targets
Caliber .177
Powerplant Variable Pump
Lead Pellet Velocity Up to 615 fps
Alloy Pellet Velocity Up to 700 fps
Steel BB Velocity Up to 645 fps
Action Bolt Action
Product Weight 2.10 lbs
Barrel Material Steel
Barrel Type Smooth Bore
Front Sight Fixed Blade
Rear Sight Elevation Adjustable
Material Synthetic
Magazine Clip/Reservoir
Mounting Rail Dovetail
Trigger Single Stage
Stock Style Traditional
Stock Material Polymer
Safety Crossbolt