Cuddeback X-Change Color (Blue) 1279

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This Cuddleback is the best camera ever built: Zone Control,1/4 second trigger speed,20MP,Genius Mount and advanced features in a micro-size.Don't get blanked,get a Cuddleback.


- 1/4 second trigger speed:
Cuddleback triggers 2.5 to 4 times faster than most competitive cameras
Deer move fast,and 1/4 second trigger speed captures more deer and fewer blanks
- 20 megapixels for exceptional image quality:
High-definition low-light 5MP sensor with 20MP mode
Cuddleback's image sensor is 250% larger than those of some competitors's cameras;the larger sensor sees more light,which means better images
Precise moon phase printed on image
- Fast camera delays:
Delays from fast-as-possible(approximately 1 second) to 1 hour
Seperate delays for day and night
- Super-fast recovery speed:
Recovers for next shot faster than many cameras can take the first picture
- 3 configurable image/video modes:
Still Image with HD image processing correctly exposes day and night images
Video with premium quality 720P HD,select from 10/20/30 second length
Video+Image provides both an image and a video for every detection
- Time-lapse mode:
Set time-lapse from 10 seconds to 24 hours
Program for day only,night only,or both day and night
Use in conjunction with motion sense,or turn motion sensing off
- 8 AA batteries(not included):
AA batteries allow for a compact camera that is easy to carry and deploy
Extended battery life will last up to 12 months or 10,000 images
Optional D cell battery pack available to extend battery life up to 2 years or tens of thousands of images
- Memory options:
Internal memory - 120MB(stores over 100 images)
SD card - up to 32GB


- Color: Blue
- Megapixels: 20
- Flash Range: 50 + ft