Cypher Huevo # 4 Rock Climbing Protection Nut

OurCypher Huevos are the best wired units available. We tumble the heads extra long making them easier to place and handle. Constructed of the finest 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum available. The steel cable is galvanized and then swaged with copper sleeves, increasing the unit's overall strength and durability. Each Huevo is then tested to half its rated strength to ensure quality and performance. Full set weight: 410 grams|Alpine set weight: 385 grams|Strength: 1-2kN, 2-2kN, 3-5kN, 4-6kN, 5-6kN, 6-10kN, 7-10kN, 8-10kN, 9-10kN, 10-10kN, 11-10kN, 12-10kN, 13-10kN|Sets include Firefly carabiner|Size 1 and 2 are rated body weight only and are generally used for direct aid only|Individually proof tested|CE Certified