Discraft Elite Z Flick X-Larger Driver

XS: Easy to throw - 2001 world distance record holder at 712 ft. Wt: 174g. Stability: 1|XL: Holds an almost perfect line on big throws yet manages to be a very easy disc for beginners to throw. Wt: 174 g. Stability: 1 (Elite x), 0 (Pro-D)|Flick: Excellent for forehand and overhand shots. Wt: 174 g. Stability: 2.5|Xpress: The Xpress is an extra long, turnover driver that is an excellent choice for rollers, that hard to execute long slow anhyzer turn, or super long hyzer flip straight shots. Wt: 174 g. Stability: -1.0|Cyclone: The disc pros use for max distance with pinpoint accuracy. A disc golf standard. Wt: 176 g. Stability: 0|Z Line Express: Most understable long range driver. Try it for rollers too. Wt: 174 g. Stability: 0.0