DT Systems Ultra2090 No Bark Trainer

The Ultra Min-e 2090 No-Bark Trainer is a safe and effective tool to help eliminate any excessive or unnecessary barking from your dog. This automatic trainer has 8 levels of intensity for sensitive to stubborn dogs. The collar unit is waterproof. Features: ¬タᄁ Digital Technology ¬タᄁ Lightweight waterproof collar ¬タᄁ Specially designed vibration sensor picks up vocal cord vibrations so it won¬タルt be activated by other dogs¬タル barking. ¬タᄁ 8 intensity levels ¬タᄁ Gentle Touch Stimulation with lower levels ¬タᄁ 1/2 second corrective stimulation. ¬タᄁ Fits small to large dogs. Package Contents: ¬タᄁ 1 x Collar Unit ¬タᄁ Test Light ¬タᄁ 6V Battery ¬タᄁ Extra Contacts and Sensor ¬タᄁ Instruction Manual