Epic Activity Suction Cup Mount

The Epic Mounts and Accessories make capturing your latest adventure easier, more exciting and bring a new level of intensity to your videos!The mounts allow for you to get the perfect perspective, the waterproof casing lets you continue your adventure without worry or hesitation, and the viewer allows you to get the perfect angle -so you know exactly what point of view you willbe capturing. EPIC Viewer: Align your desired point of view before you lock down your camera and record what you actually see in the viewer, 2” LED color display with backlight, Adjustable Brightness/Contrast push button, Built in speaker with adjustable volume control, Power on/off push button, 80” coil cable included, Operates on 4 AAA batteries.|EPIC Waterproof Case: For HD 720 and 1080 cameras. The shell makes the EPIC completely waterproof down to a depth of 20 feet. Clear plastic housing with inner seal quick release camera mount compatible with all EPIC mounting devices.|EPIC Suction cup mount: Heavy duty RAM suction cup design offers a secure lock mount to contoured or flat surfaces such as metal and fiberglass fuel tanks, base is pliable and will not scratch finishes.|EPIC Bar Mount: Adjustable clamp mounts to handle bars on your mountain bike, ATV or motocross and will accommodate any bar up to 2” in diameter. Spring tension release clip.|EPIC Hat clip mount: Easily clips to the brim of a cap, or any object that can accommodate the diameter of the heavy duty clasp. Quick release camera mount. Pivoting/rotating base for endless positioning possibilities. Spring tension release clip.|EPIC Elbow mount: With 3 adjustable hinges, you can capture almost any point of view without any obstruction. Full extension measures 3.25” from mount.|EPIC Curve mount 3M Adhesive: Base of universal mount has a permanent 3M adhesive foam pad which is ideal for mounting to helmets of any size or material finish.|EPIC Tree screw mount: Spring tension release clip. Over a 3 inch extension when secured in a tree. Quick release camera mount.|EPIC Strap Mount: Perfect for mounting to helmets, bow stabilizers, wearing on your wrist, or just about anywhere you canwrap the nylon webbing around. Adjustable Nylon with Velcro® fasteners. 2 convenient strap lengths included, 12” and 24”.|EPIC Foam saddle: Durable EVA foam helps absorb sudden jolts and stabilize camera.