Five Ten Rogue VCS Women's Purple Rock Climbing Shoes

Designed with the basics in mind, the Rogue VCS Women's is the ideal shoe for beginner climbers. The Rogue VCS brings the same all-day comfort of the Rogue VCS in the women’s size range with lower total volume and a narrower fit. The supportive midsole allows for increased feeling and sensitivity while the Stealth® C4™ outsoles are great for smearing and climbing in the gym. A Velcro closure provides easier adjustability and slightly higher-volume fit than the Rogue Lace. Its comfortable leather upper will stretch about a half-size to form to the personality of your foot. The Rogue VCS WMS is perfect for long practice sessions in the gym and focusing on developing precise footwork and building foot strength. Stealth® C4™ rubber outsole (2mm)|Leather upper - Half-size stretch|Double-strand Velcro closure system|Stiffness - Medium