Fobus Roto TactSpeed Pdl RH Glk17+Light GLT17RP

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Tactical Speed Holster (GLT) - Roto, Holds Handgun with Laser or Light

This innovative holster was created in answer to many requests to provide a carry system that would accommodate a handgun utilizing accessories that were either rail or trigger guard mounted. The GLT answers this request, and more!

In addition to allowing the carry of handguns that have accessories such as lights or lasers mounted under the barrel or on the trigger guard. Fobus has addressed safety and retention concerns that are unique to this model holster. The handgun is held securely in place by utilization of a muzzle stud and a safety strap that encircles the trigger guard. While assuring positive retention, rapid presentation of the handgun is made easy due to the open withdrawal slot on the rear of the holster and the design of the safety strap.

It can be worn as a paddle or belt holster, with belt sizes up to 2 1/4" for duty usage. Fobus provides the solution to your on/off duty needs.

Roto Paddle


Glock 17/22/31 with Light/Laser
Ruger 345 with Light/Laser