Frankford DS750 Digital Reloading Scale

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The Frankford Arsenal® DS-750 delivers extreme accuracy for precise measurement of powder, bullets, cases or loaded rounds.
With 1/10th grain accuracy you will be able to achieve the maximum potential of your handloads.
An integrated clear plastic cover protects the scale during storage and transport.
The large, high-contrast backlit display is easy to read.
Simple controls allow for easy changes of units, tare weights or counting.
Powder pan, carry bag and calibration weight included.
The performance and features of this scale make it a great value and will be a welcome addition to your loading bench.

Kit contents include: The DS-750 Scale with built-in cover, powder tray, calibration weight, batteries and storage case.

Capacity: 750 grain (50gram)
Weighing modes : gram, ounce, grain, carat
Lightest measurable load : .03 gram
Bias Tolerance (corner load) : .02 gram
Creep Tolerance : .01 gram
Repeatability : .01 gram
Linearity : .01 gram