Gould & Goodrich Chestnut Brwn Blk Belt Loop IP Holster-Fits Most 1911 LH

Gould & Goodrich Inside Trouser Holsters were designed for comfortable, versatile concealed carry use, and they fill their role quite well. This concealed holster is incredibly stable, thanks to the leather straps that snap around the belt, anchoring the holster to your clothing for an extra layer of support. The strap also allows the body of the holster to swivel so you can adjust it for comfort. Built from sturdy top grain leather, the holster is further stabilized by the smooth interior and rougher exterior, and you can wear the holster in either strong side or cross draw carry configurations. Gould & Goodrich has made it possible to customize your draw even further by adjusting the tension screw for firmness. The retention strap makes it easy to reholster your weapon, since the strap holds the holster open for you. Compatible with belts up to 1.5" wide, the Gould & Goodrich Trouser Holster can make an effective, comfortable holster for your handgun of choice.