Grower's Cup Easy Serve Holder

These brew-in-the-bag Coffees come from some of the world's foremost gourmet coffee growing countries and provide you with a fast and easy option to get your morning brew. Inside the pouch is a filter with 26 g of freshly ground specialty coffee. The filter is designed to preserve all natural oils and flavors in the coffee. This design ensures that the extraction process is stopped when the first 1½ cup has been served. Thus, it never turns bitter! Place the bag in the optional Easy Pour Handle to avoid spills. Bolivia - Delicate with aroma of Marzipan and Chocolate|Ethiopia - Round aroma with taste of Strawberries and aftertaste of Chocolate|Brazil -A rich taste with nuances of nuts and dark chocolate.|Honduras - A medium roast with somewhat heavy body but softer acidity.|Coffee Kits include a mix of premium coffee flavors (2 Brazil, 1 Bolivia, 1 Ethiopia, 1 Honduras) plus1 EasyServe handle.