Guard Dog Marina 360 Lumen Waterproof Tactical Flashlight

Guard Dog Security introduces the 360 lumen Marina, the ultimate waterproof flashlight. One of the Marina¬タルs key features includes a quick-set dial, which allows for swift changes in the five light functions. This convenient feature lets the user remain constant on a single light function, and prevents unnecessary switching to get to the desired light setting. The Guard Dog Marina is equipped with double o-rings on all water permitting openings for true deep water usage for extended periods. The body is built with a durable type III aircraft grade, shockproof body which allows for an all-purpose use and extreme longevity on all terrains. The Marina uses a true white light which shines a blinding 360 lumens, capable of lighting up an entire room from yards away! Switch the quick-set dial, and the light can be set in five different settings ranging from ultra bright to battery conservation low. Set the dial to strobe or S.O.S. in the event of an emergency and the Marina turns into a self defense and emergency torch. Whether you¬タルre looking for an everyday flashlight, or in need of an accessory for your favorite outdoor hobby, the Marina is the ultimate multi-purpose light.