Guard Dog Solitaire Tactical Flashlight 900 Lumen

Guard Dog Security introduces its widest and brightest beam in the Solaire 900 lumen tactical flashlight. This blinding flashlight shines a beam spanning up to 20 yards wide and capable of fully illuminating an enclosed area further than 2 football fields away! The one-hand operational tail push button ensures a quick release and swift change between all five light functions. Powered by a high-powered CREE bulb, the Solaire encompasses a stainless steel bezel for emergency glass breaking/self defense and suited in type III aircraft grade aluminum for ultimate durability in any terrain. Drop it or drown it, the Guard Dog Solaire is the premium in tactical flashlights with a complete waterproof body and anti-roll shaft. The unique, night glow green o-rings enable the light to be located in complete darkness. Dual lithium-ion battery charger allows for fast charging in any wall outlet. The Guard Dog Solaire tactical flashlight boasts the brightest, widest and most durably constructed tactical flashlight on the market, while serving plentiful as an everyday flashlight. Features: Power: 900 lumens Battery: 100% rechargeable; Includes 2 lithium-ion batteries and dual wall plug-in battery charger cradle; Light Functions: 5-light functions; Ultra bright: 900 lumens; High: 450 lumens; Low: 30 lumens; Strobe: 900 lumens; S.O.S.: 900 lumens. Performance: Waterproof, all weather resistant, shock proof durable body Bulb life: Up to 100,000 hour bulb life, enhanced aluminum reflector system Night Glow Technology: Unique night-glow green o-ring technology allows the flashlight to be located in complete darkness. Stainless Steel Bezel: Stainless steel, glass breaker/self defense end bezel and stainless steel belt clip. Model: TL-GDS900.