HIVIZ Sight Systems Magnetic combo sight .360" to .440" TO400

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The Hi-Viz Two-In-One magnetic shotgun front sight allows you to add fiber optic sights to your shotgun without any modification to the firearm. The sight attaches to any vent rib shotgun barrel with a proven magnetic mounting system. The skeletonized design of the front sight base protects the fiber optic light pipe during rugged use, but still allows light-gathering for the optimum performance. The sights feature two colors in one sight, orange and green. To change the color you simply remove the sight, rotate to the desired color, and reinstall. The dual colored fiber optics allow you to match the sight to changing conditions in the field. Two complete sight bases included one round and one triangular.


- Dual fiber optic light pipes


- Fits: .360" to .440" width vent ribs
- Color: Green and Red
- Finish: Matte Black


- Magnetic mounting system, no gunsmithing required