Hogue Ruger MKIV Rub Grip w/FG RHTR Blk 79060

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The Hogue Ruger rubber grip was developed to be a superb grip option for practically any handgun shooter. A proficient hand gun grip will steady your shots while keeping your hands comfortable throughout your shoots. Thanks to the Hogue Ruger rubber grip, you will find that access to a high quality pistol grip is easier to get than before. In an attempt to ensure you are utilizing a resilient and reliable pistol grip, these handgun grips from Hogue were made utilizing the long lasting supplies you have come to anticipate out of this notable firm. For a number of years, Hogue has been a widely known identity inside the handgun shooting market, and, along with the Hogue Ruger rubber grip, they are ready to prove that they make every last effort to guarantee every shooter has got the grip they are going to need to be prosperous in virtually any shooting task.


- Fits: Ruger MK IV Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves and Right Hand Thumb Rest
- Color: Black