Hornady Die FL 7X57R (.284) 046310

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Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Full Length Sizer Die, 7x57mm Rimmed Mauser

The Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Full Length Sizer Die is a great die for the avid reloader. The Full Length Sizer die features polished elliptical expanders, that significantly reduce case neck stretch. The hardened steel decapping pin will not bend or break, even when depriming cases with a crimped primer pocket. The Full Length Sizer Die also features a Zip Spindle, with a series of light threads cut on the spindle and spindle collet. This eliminates spindle slippage, and makes tightening the spindle lock a breeze when making adjustments. Shellholder sold separately.

Also Includes:

- Plastic Storage box
- Hornady Sure-Loc ring


- Caliber 7x57mm Rimmed
- Number of Dies 1
- Die Type Full Length Sizer
- Threads 7/8"-14