Howard Leight Impact Sport MultiCam BLACK Elec. Earmuff R-02527

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Impact Sport MultiCam brings the advantages of stealth and concealment to hunters and tactical operators who want to protect their hearing in the field without compromising their cover. Of course, Impact Sport MultiCam is sure to be appreciated by anyone else who loves the tacticool look.

MultiCam patterns take advantage of the way the human eye and brain perceive shape, volume and color. Since only a very small portion of the human eye perceives color, the brain does a lot of �filling in� for the eyes. The unique, high-resolution design of MultiCam causes observers to �see� the pattern as part of the background.

Beneath its covert aesthetic, Impact Sport�s internal circuitry allows ambient and low-frequency sounds to be safely amplified up to four times to a peak of 82dB, making it easy for wearers to hear range commands or approaching game and conduct conversation, even in noisy environments. Amplification automatically shuts off at 82dB, attenuating hazardous impulse noises from gunfire.

Impact Sport features a sleek, extremely low-profile earcup design with carefully engineered cutouts that allow shooters to shoulder a rifle or shotgun while maintaining clearance from the firearm stock. Lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear, Impact Sport incorporates a padded headband with vertical height adjustments for a secure, non-slip fit. When not in use, the headband and earcups fold for easy, compact storage.

Durable, recessed microphones�one on each side�reduce wind noise while providing stereo sound. This feature�combined with MultiCam concealment options and up to 4X amplification�makes Impact Sport a great option for hunters or tactical professionals who want to stay concealed and protect their hearing in the field while also increasing their ability to hear game, people and conversation. Impact Sport is also equipped with an external 3.5mm AUX jack and an included cord for convenient connection to a phone, computer, MP3 player or scanner.


- 22dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
- Automatically shuts off noise over 82dB
- Up to 4X amplification
- Sleek, extremely low-profile earcup design with cutout allows for clearance of firearm stock
- Adjustable fit
- Convenient folding design for easy storage
- Premium padded headband
- Recessed stereo microphones
- Single control knob for on/off and volume adjustment
- Efficient power consumption and automatic 4-hour shutoff deliver 350 hours of battery life
- AUX jack connects to MP3 players and scanners (3.5mm audio connection cord included)
- Powered by two included AAA batteries
- Replacement ear cushions available


- (2) AAA Battery
- (1) 3.5mm audio connection cord


- Color: MultiCam Black
- Passive Amplification: 4X
- Finish: Multicam
- Power Source: AAA Battery (2)
- Noise Reduction Rating: 22dB
- Amplification Cutoff: 82dB