Humminbird Nmea/Gps Cable As Hhgps

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Handheld GPS Connection Kit includes: NMEA connection cable, Y cable and detailed instructions. This connection kit requires the handheld GPS manufacturers NMEA data cable to complete the connection to your handheld GPS. FOR USE WITH 587ci 587ci HD 597ci 597ci HD 597ci HD DI 717 718 727 728 737 747c 755c 757c 767 768 777c2 778C 778c HD 785 c2 787c2 787c2I 788C 788ci 788ci HD 788ci HD DI 797c2 SI 797c2I SI 798C SI 798ci SI 798ci HD SI 858c 858c HD 858c DI 858c HD DI 898c SI 898c HD SI 917C 931C 931C DF 937C 937C DF 947C 3D 955c 957c 958c 958c HD 958c DI 958c HD DI 967C 3D 981C SI 987C SI 997c SI 998c SI 998c HD SI 1155c 1157c 1158c 1158c DI 1197c si 1198c SI MATRIX 10 MATRIX 12 MATRIX 15 MATRIX 17 MATRIX 20 MATRIX 25 MATRIX 27 MATRIX 35 MATRIX 37 MATRIX 45 MATRIX 47 3D MATRIX 55 MATRIX 65 MATRIX 67 MATRIX 77C MATRIX 87C MATRIX 97