Humminbird Troll Motor Transducer Xtm 9 20 T

The Humminbird XTM 9 20 T Trolling Motor Mounted Transducer is designed to mount onto the body of most trolling motors, and is constructed with a low-profile shape that reduces drag in the water and minimizes the chance of hang-ups on weeds. This unit is a hydrodynamic, dual-beam trolling-motor transducer with 20-degree and 60-degree cone angle beams, with 200 kiloHertz and 83 kiloHertz operating frequencies respectively. The XTM 9 20 T has a built-in temperature sensor, and is compatible with Humminbird's; Piranha 5, Legend ID40, Matrix 15, Matrix 17, Matrix 25, Matrix 27, Matrix 55, Matrix 65, Matrix 67, FF515, FF535, and FF565 sonar or fish finder systems.