Independent Pub One Pan To Rule Them All

Let s face it. If your kitchen had just one pan, one single tool to accomplish any cooking concoction you dare to dream, it should be a pretty awesome one, right? The chosen one, the golden child, the king of the ring, the one true pan to rule them all It should be a cast-iron skillet Cast-iron cookware is a proven hero, never goes out of style, and cannot be destroyed despite how you feel about yourself as a home cook. In this book, Howie Southworth and Greg Matzabest friends and adventurous home cooksshare one hundred recipes for cooking in a skillet on the stovetop or outdoors on a grill or campfire. Here you ll find easy-to-follow recipes for: Spinach and cheddar frittataCajun biscuits and gravyHeavy metal pizzaCreole jambalayaBacon fried steakBlackened catfishCrispy mac and cheesePeach cobblerCampfire taquitosAnd more.